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Persona 5 Tactica is a 2023 tactical role-playing game, and a spin-off of Persona 5 from the Persona series. It was developed by Atlus and released on November 17, 2023.


On the snowy day prior to their graduation ceremony, the members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts have gathered at Café Leblanc. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and the front door emits a suspicious glow. When they open the door, they find themselves in a different world, reminiscent in appearance to the cityscapes of medieval Europe. The thieves find that the citizens of this realm are living under a state of oppression.

When the Phantom Thieves are attacked by a military called the Legionnaires, they are saved by a woman named Erina. When she offers to help them, they agree to join her Rebel Corps in pursuit of a revolution.[1][2][3]


Persona 5 Tactica is a tactical role-playing game that borrows mechanics from the mainline Persona series.


The party is formed of three members at a time. Movement of the party is done across a grid structure, being able to attack enemies when they are on adjacent squares of the grid.

Like in the main series, party members will receive a 1 More turn if they Down an enemy. If all three party members trap a Downed enemy in a triangle formation, they can perform a Triple Threat, a version of the All-Out Attack.[1]

New to Tactica is the Skill Tree by using GP (Grow Points) You can chose how to upgrade your team. GP can be obtained by raising the level of the Phantom Thieves through battles, doing quests, or by watching character conversations, called “TALK”

Downloadable Content

DLC Title Image Release Price Details Notes
Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack
WWWorldwide November 17, 2023
$19.99 (NA)
¥1,690 (JP)
Rise up and take on a new test with the Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack!

Features new game rules, two additional characters, and new battles with dynamic stages.

P5T Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack includes: • All-new details in the Report information within the main game • Unlocks brutal Challenge Stages with exclusive clear conditions • Adds unique unit formations to subsequent playthroughs

  • Included in Digital Deluxe edition
Persona 5 Tactica - Picaro Summoning Pack & Raoul
WWWorldwide November 17, 2023
$9.99 (NA)
¥1,390 (JP)
Additional Personas will become available to summon in-game. After becoming the Trickster's masks, picaro versions of the following Personas will be added to the Persona Compendium. Picaros can be used to upgrade your team and gain an edge in battle.

P5T Picaro Summoning Pack includes: • Persona: Thanatos Picaro • Persona: Orpheus Picaro (Female) • Persona: Athena Picaro • Persona: Messiah Picaro • Persona: M. Izanagi Picaro • Persona: Kaguya Picaro • Persona: Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro • Persona: Ariadne Picaro • Persona: Asterius Picaro • Persona: Tsukiyomi Picaro • Persona: Raoul

  • Included in Digital Deluxe edition
Persona 5 Tactica: Weapon Pack
WWWorldwide November 17, 2023
$7.99 (NA)
¥990 (JP)
Add some style to your arsenal with these unique weapon skins.

P5T Weapon Pack includes: • Picaro Sand Hawk • Picaro Levinson M31 • Picaro Slingbow • Picaro Machine Gun • Picaro Assault Rifle • Picaro Revolver • Picaro G Launcher • Picaro Machine Pistol • & 2 addl. weapons

  • Included in Digital Deluxe edition
Limited Personas
WWWorldwide November 17, 2023
Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro as usable Personas.
  • Pre-order bonus
  • Included in Digital Deluxe edition
  • Limited quantity available to early purchasers of standard edition
Digital Deluxe
WWWorldwide November 17, 2023
$79.99 (NA)
¥11,770 (JP)
The Persona 5 Tactica: Digital Deluxe Edition includes the following content:

• Base Game • Persona 5 Tactica: Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack • Persona 5 Tactica: Weapon Pack • Persona 5 Tactica: Picaro Summoning Pack + Raoul Persona









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Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペルソナ5 タクティカ Persona 5 Tactica
Simplified Chinese 女神异闻录5 战略版 Alternate Goddess Tale 5 Strategy Version

Traditional Chinese
女神異聞錄5 戰略版 Alternate Goddess Tale 5 Strategy Version
Korean 페르소나5 택티카 Persona 5 Tactica



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