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This is a compiled list of all of Megami Tensei Wiki's policy guidelines and conduct rules, which are meant to help guide contributors in editing and outline our style preferences, while maintaining an organized, factual consistency throughout the wiki. Before contributing to Megami Tensei Wiki, it is highly recommended to review and familiarize yourself with these guidelines. As these are subject to change at any time, periodic review is encouraged.

For those who are new to wikis and do not know where to start, we encourage starting with the Manual of Style as a primer to the basics of the MediaWiki software and our general guidelines. It is also recommended to read the Code of Conduct for our site rules and contributor etiquette.

Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to contribute to Megami Tensei Wiki, no matter if their contribution or skills are big or small. What matters is the positive spirit of collaborative expansion toward the constant growth and improvement of the wiki. Every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated.

Main Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Other Guidelines