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Devil Survivor 2, released outside of Japan as Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, is a 2011 tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo DS, and the second entry in the Devil Survivor series. It was developed by Career Soft, published by Atlus, and released on July 28, 2011 in Japan, on February 28, 2012 in North America, and on October 18, 2013 in Europe.

A remaster of the game for the Nintendo 3DS, titled Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker, was released in 2015.




残酷で壮絶な現実に翻弄される "13人の悪魔使い" たちの "葛藤と選択”の物語。世界の終末で、君は誰と生き残るか。


個性豊かな13人のメインキャラクターが物語を彩る。友を選び、時に裏切り敵対し、誰と戦い生き残るのか。プレイヤーの選択次第でストーリーは大きく変化 多数のイベントとマルチエンドで何度でも楽しめる。


主人公ら13人の悪魔使いたちは、それぞれ悪魔と契約し、"仲魔” として使役することができる。仲魔を育て、合体し、より強力な悪魔を率いてバトルに勝利しよう。前作で高い評価を得たシステムを継承しつつ、さらに遊びやすく進化したバトルが楽しめる。



「悪魔全書」 の実装や、スキルの大幅な増加でやり込み要素も満載。
tomo wo erabi, akuma to chigire. kami e to idomu nana nichikan. zankoku de sōzetsuna genjitsu ni honrōsareru 13 nin no akumazukai tachi no kattō to sentaku no monogatari. sekai no shūmatsu de, kimi wa dare to ikinokoru ka.

tasaina kyarakuta- & maruchi endo

kosei yutakana 13 nin no mein kyarakuta- ga monogatari wo irodoru. tomo wo erabi, tokini uragiri tekitaishi, dare to tatakai ikinokoru no ka. pureiya- no sentaku shidai de suto-ri- wa ōkiku henka tasū no ibento to maruchi endo de nan do demo tanoshimeru.

naka ma wo shiekishite tatakau SRPG shisutemu ga sarani shinka!

shujinkōra 13 nin no akumazukaitachi wa, sorezore akuma to keiyakushi, naka ma toshite shiekisuru koto ga dekiru. naka ma wo sodate, gattaishi, yori kyōryokuna akuma wo hikiite batoru ni shōrishiyou. zensaku de takai hyōka wo eta shisutemu wo keishōshi tsutsu, sarani asobi yasuku shinkashita batoru ga tanoshimeru.

yarikomi yōso mansai, shinkashita" Debirusabaiba-"

monogatari no butai wa Nippon zendo ni ōhaba kakudai.
akuma gattai mo, ibento shi-n mo, zensaku no yaku 2 bai toiu attōtekina boryu-mu de tenkai.

"akuma zensho" no jissō ya, sukiru no ōhabana zōka de yarikomi yōso mo mansai.
Choose your allies and form pacts with demons. Stand against a god in these seven days.

13 demon users at the mercy of a cruel and unrelenting reality will weave a story from their choices and conflicts. At the end of the world, who will you survive with?

A lively cast of characters and multiple endings

13 colorful main characters bring the story to life. Choose your friends, or betray and go against them—who will you fight and survive with? Depending on the player's choices, the game's events and story change greatly, crafting an experience that can be played and enjoyed over and over again.

The demon-battling SRPG system has evolved even further!

The main 13 demon users all form contracts with demons, allowing them to use them as allies (nakama) in battle. Seize victory by raising and fusing your demons to make them even stronger. The acclaimed SRPG system from the first game makes its return with improvements—enjoy smoother battles and new advancements.

The next stage of "Devil Survivor" is filled with content

The story's setting has been greatly expanded to span all of Japan.
With a staggering number of new demons to fuse and new event scenes, Devil Survivor 2 features around double the content of the previous work.

Enjoy filling in the Demonic Compendium and collecting scores of new skills to play with.


What would you do if you could see others' deaths before they come to pass? A mysterious website - Nicaea - will show you just this. What you do with the information will determine the fate of millions as a calamity strikes Japan...


After signing up for Nicaea, a website that sends videos of close friends dying, the protagonist, his friend Daichi Shijima, and their fellow schoolmate Io Nitta receive a video from the site of them dying. Not long after, they find themselves caught in a disaster as the events in the death video play out in reality, but are able to survive after proving their will to Nicaea, forging contracts with demons in the process to become demon tamers.

The tamers quickly find themselves wrapped up in a battle encompassing all of Japan as strange invaders called the Septentriones appear one by one each day to lay waste to different areas of the country. Together, the protagonist and his growing circle of friends cooperate with a secret government organization called JP's to quell the threat. However, as the battle evolves, so do the characters' perspectives on what to do with the world after the invasion is repelled. Who the protagonist saves and the decisions he makes will determine the fate of the world and his allies when the final day dawns.


Gameplay is split into two main sections: an exploration phase where players can view character or story-related events to progress the in-game day and a battle phase where the player is pitted against enemies in a grid-based environment. Devil Survivor 2 also features the Demon Auction system unique to the Devil Survivor series, along with a similar demon fusion system to its predecessor.


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Like its predecessor, Devil Survivor 2's battles are fought on a turn-based, isometric, grid-based map. Units on the map represent teams of up to three individuals, with the player controlling up to four human-led teams at once. Player-controlled teams are comprised of one human leader and up to two demons, while enemy teams may have up to three demons on them. Teams take turns based on their order in a turn queue displayed at the top of the touch screen.

During their turn, teams can move, attack, use healing or support skills, or end their turn. These actions can be performed in any order, though performing more actions in a turn will generally cause the team to be pushed back further in the turn queue. Player-controlled humans also have access to a Summon command that allows them to summon demons from a shared stock to replace defeated demons or fill empty spaces on their team, and player-controlled demons can access a Return command to return the team's shared stock.

New to Devil Survivor 2, if the main character's Fate level is at four or above with an ally, he or the ally in question can use the Summoned Demon Transfer Protocol (SDTP) action to send a summoned demon to the other.

Racial Skills

Like in Devil Survivor, demons possess Racial Skills determined by their demonic race. For example, the racial skill for the Fairy race allows Fairy demons to heal and support teammates from afar with their Glamour racial skill, while the Beast race grants its team the Animal Leg passive, allowing teams fielding at least one Beast demon to move again after attacking. Racial skills can also have their effects combined by fielding demons of multiple races on the same team: an example of this is using a Kishin and a Beast together to allow a team to move and attack twice in one turn.

Devil Survivor 2 introduces a second tier to these racial skills, with all racial abilities receiving an upgrade once their host demon has surpassed a certain level. What level a racial skill will be enhanced at depends on the demon, though most middle game and all endgame demons begin with their racial skills already enhanced. Racial Skills can affect and be used by enemy teams as well.


Attacking a unit on the map will trigger a turn-based battle to occur. Notably, a team is defeated once its leader is defeated, regardless of if other units on the team are still alive. Similar to older games in the franchise such as Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei, combatants decide on all of their actions before performing them, with action order determined by the units' AG stats.

Additionally, Devil Survivor 2 carries over its predecessor's Extra Turn Battle System, which rewards both offensive and defensive play by potentially granting or denying combatants Extra Turns if critical hits or weakness damage are scored or if units successfully negate, repel, or absorb damage. Extra Turns are taken after the general round of combat has concluded. The macca earned after an encounter is modified by a Macca Bonus system, which awards percentage bonuses and penalties depending on a variety of factors, such as if player or enemy attacks were negated/repelled/absorbed, if the player hit enemy weaknesses or scored critical hits, if any of the player's demons died, and so on.

Demon Auction

Main article: Demon Auction

In the Devil Survivor games, demons are obtained via an auction system where players compete with 1-3 computerized bidders to purchase demons using Macca. The player can also purchase demons outright without needing to bid, but doing so will generally require the player to pay 3-4x the demon's bid price. At first, the player only has access to the Basic auction rank, but as they spend money on the auction, they will be granted access to higher auction tiers with higher level demons.

Demons are rated based on a star value ranging from one to five stars. The more stars a demon has, the higher quality their stats and skills tend to be, while low-star demons may lack skills entirely or possess negative stat modifiers.

Before the auction begins, the player is given information on how much their opponents are expected to bid, though opponents may put down more or less than their expected bid value. The auction then begins with an initial bid period lasting 5 seconds. In Devil Survivor 2, participants can only place a bid once, though the player can hold off on bidding to gauge their opponents' confidence levels, conveyed via a happy, neutral, or a defeated expression, to further inform them on how much to bid. Once the player submits their bid, the final bids of all participants are revealed. The bidder with the highest bid wins the demon.

If the player has won a demon, they can choose to pay or default (give up) on their bid. Demons may negotiate further with the player after being won, sometimes demanding more macca before they will join. Purchasing demons can sometimes trigger a Special Auction, where all bought-out demons are restocked and are generally of a higher quality than usual in regards to their stats or skills. Similar to Devil Survivor, the player can place multiple bids during Special Auctions, though they cannot increase their bid until their opponents have bid after them at least once. Bidding continues until five seconds are up or until all other participants have dropped out of the bid. If there are still bidders after all five seconds have passed, a Final Bid takes place, and the bidder with the highest Final Bid wins the demon.


Using demons obtained through the Demon Auction or those bought from the Compendium, players may fuse two demons together to create new ones. Unlike most Megami Tensei games, players may own multiple copies of most demons, excluding Unique demons, which the player can only have one of in their stock.

In the Devil Survivor games, demons can have up to three Command Skills and three Passive Skills. A demon's Racial Skill cannot be altered through fusion. When fusing, a demon may have their Command and Passive skill slots already filled or greyed out, with greyed out skills requiring the demon to be at a certain level, indicated in the skill's info box, to unlock the skill for use and inheritance in subsequent fusions. Players can then add Command and Passive skills to a demon's unfilled slots using the combined skill pool of the two source demons used to perform the fusion.

New to Devil Survivor 2 are Add-Ons, which allow for further customization of demons during fusion and replace the Magnetite system from the previous game. Add-Ons can increase the fused demon's stats, add other skills to the skill inheritance pool from the player's cracked skill list, or free up the fused demon's innate Command and Passive Skills. They are received randomly after battles and are more likely to drop if the player has racked up multiple Macca Bonuses. Add-Ons expire after being used once, but the same Add-On can be acquired again through random drops in the future. Up to six can be held by the player at a time, and if a seventh is obtained through combat, the game will ask the player if they wish to swap out one of their old Add-Ons for the newly-obtained one.

Version Differences

Record Breaker

Main article: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker







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Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese デビルサバイバー2 Devil Survivor 2