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Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2, stylized as SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation D×2, is a 2018 live service role-playing game for iOS and Android in the Shin Megami Tensei series. It was developed and published by Sega and released on January 22, 2018 in Japan, and subsequently worldwide in all other regions the following day on January 23.




From the makers of the Persona series, Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 is the latest entry in the three-decade-long Megami Tensei video game franchise; bringing its dark themes, thrilling battles and mysterious storylines to life, to mobile platforms!

Take on the role of a Devil Downloader, also known as a Dx2. Dx2s are able to summon and command demons using a special smartphone app.

Led by a mysterious man, you gain access to this special app and become a member of the Liberators, a secret organization that fights to protect the world from an opposing faction of Dx2s.

The enemy is known only as the Acolytes.

Driven by their own ideology, the Acolytes abuse their demon-summoning capabilities to wreak chaos, and are secretly eliminating people with high empathy quotients (EQ) who pose a threat to their goals.

Pick up your smartphones and join us in this quest to protect the world from the evil Acolytes!


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Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 is a free-to-play game where players, through the avatar character Newbie, maintain a stock of Demons and summon them into battle. Players are able to assign a party of up to four Demons and issue them commands during the game's story modes and events, which are divided into battle stages called Chapters.

Dx2 uses a modified Press Turn System from the mainline games, where striking an enemy's weak point, landing a critical hit, or skipping will add an extra half-turn to the party's number of turns. Conversely, missing or having an attack be nulled or absorbed will lose two whole turns. The game further incorporates physical and magical skills into this system by giving them unique qualities; physical attacks can land critical hits but risk missing, while magic skills never miss but rely solely on striking weaknesses. Demons also have a modified MP gauge that gradually recharges a little each turn and caps at 10 points. Battles take place between the player's party and waves of opposing Demon parties. These waves may lead to a boss fight with a tougher Demon. Clearing all these waves results in a victory and clears that story or event Chapter.

As players make their way through the game's beginning Chapters and clear certain missions, they gradually unlock new services around the Liberators' Hideout and features that aid in battle. New playable Liberators can be unlocked through the story mode, whose Dx2 Skills can activate as Assist Skills or passives in battle. Occasionally players may also be randomly prompted to assist another player by using one of their Demon's skills, or may randomly receive assistance from another player during battle.

Dx2 is built around gacha mechanics. Players can summon Demons of varying rarity in exchange for Gems, which can be earned through daily logins, completing Chapters, participating in events, and also purchased. Demon rarity is ranked between 1 to 5 stars, with rarer and stronger Demons having more stars. New Demons are periodically added to the game through frequent updates and events as limited-time summons. Aside from summoning, some common Demons can also be recruited through Negotiating during battles. This occurrence is rare and only appears when a "Talk" prompt appears above a Demon. Negotiating involves a simple conversation and an exchange of items, though players can also use a Demon Contract to guarantee a recruitment.

Upgrading Demons

There are many different ways to enhance a demon in Dx2. Some of these (e.g. Levelling) are available from the start of the game, but others must be unlocked by progressing through the main story.


The minimum level a demon can be is Level 1. A demon can increase its Level by acquiring EXP. When a demon progresses to the next Level, it will gain a pre-determined increase to each of its Stats. Each Level requires exponentially more EXP than the last.


There are three sources of EXP in Dx2:

  • Battles
  • Demon Dispatch
  • Enhance

Not all battles reward EXP (e.g. PVP battles). All demons present during a battle (except Support Demons) will be given the same amount of EXP, even those who are dead or in an inactive party.

Demons sent on Demon Dispatch will gain EXP and complete Dispatch Missions passively. Initially, only two demons can be sent on Demon Dispatch at once, and each will receive 500 EXP per hour. Once fully-upgraded, though, up to six demons can be used at once, each receiving 1250 EXP per hour.

The Enhance feature of the Pandemonium allows the player to sacrifice up to ten demons/Sword of Kusanagi to a demon at once. The amount of EXP produced by each demon sacrifice is dependent its Level and Grade.


The maximum level a player-owned demon can achieve is determined by its Rarity, which is measured in Stars★:

  • For 1★ demons, the cap is Level 25.
  • For 2★ demons, the cap is Level 30.
  • For 3★ demons, the cap is Level 35.
  • For 4★ demons, the cap is Level 40.
  • For 5★ demons, the cap is Level 45.
  • For 6★ demons, the cap is Level 50.

The Rarity of a demon is initially determined by its Grade, but can be increased via Evolution:

  • Demons of Grade 1-19 are given 1★ Rarity.
  • Demons of Grade 20-39 are given 2★ Rarity.
  • Demons of Grade 40-59 are given 3★ Rarity.
  • Demons of Grade 60-79 are given 4★ Rarity.
  • Demons of Grade 80-99 are given 5★ Rarity.

6★ demons can only be acquired through Evolution.

In order to evolve a demon of Rarity N to Rarity N+1, the player must sacrifice N demons/Yata Mirrors of Rarity N to that demon, and pay a small sum of Macca. Evolution can only be performed on demons that have reached the level cap of their current Rarity.


Unawakened demons have significantly lowered stats than they should at a given Level, and are unable to use one of their Innate Skills (the Awakened Skill). A demon can be Awakened by either giving it the required quantities/types/sizes of Aether, or by using an Aether Crystal on it.


Aether is obtained from Strange Signal quests, and as a reward from some objectives. There are five types of Aether,

  • Neutral (Green)
  • Lawful (Blue)
  • Chaotic (Red)
  • Light (Yellow)
  • Dark (Purple)

and three sizes of Aether:

  • S
  • M
  • L

Eight Aether of the same type and size can be converted into one Aether of the next size up, and a single Aether can be converted into four Aether of the size below. (E.g. 8 S Lawful Aether -> 1 M Lawful Aether, 1 M Chaotic Aether -> 4 S Chaotic Aether, etc.) Aether conversion costs Macca.

Mitama Infusion

Mitama Infusion is performed by either spending Mitama Extract on or sacrificing a Mitama Demon to a given demon in order to increase its stats. Mitama Extract is obtained mainly by slaying Mitama Demons, and Mitama Demons are rare encounters in the Aura Gate and can be obtained via Talk. Both Mitama Extract and Mitama Demons are also a reward in Aura Gate SP Events. Mitama Extract are named after the stat they increase, (e.g. Mitama Extract St,) and it costs five of one type of Mitama Extract to increase that stat by one point. Sacrificing a Mitama Demon will produce an overall stat increase of three points, with different Mitama Demon increasing different stats:

  • Ara Mitama = +2 St, +1 Ag
  • Nigi Mitama = +2 Ma, +1 Lu
  • Saki Mitama = +2 Vi, +1 Lu
  • Kusi Mitama = +2 Ag, +1 Vi

A single stat can be increased by a maximum of twenty points from Mitama Infusion, but the maximum total stat increase for a single demon is restricted based on its Grade:

Grade Range Max. Overall Stat Increase
1-19 100
20-39 80
40-59 60
60-79 50
80-99 50

Sin Infusion

Sin Infusion functions in the same way as Mitama Infusion, but uses Essence of Sin instead of Mitama Extract/Demons. The maximum point-increase both overall and for a single stat from Sin Infusion and how much Essence of Sin is needed to increase a stat by one point is dependent on the Grade of the demon being infused.

Grade Range Max. Single Stat Increase Max. Overall Stat Increase Essence of Sin/One Point Increase
1-19 60 240 1
20-39 60 240 1
40-59 40 160 2
60-79 20 80 12
80-99 20 80 16

Essence of Sin is obtained from Tokyo Abyss. Only Awakened demons can be infused. Any infusion (Mitama or Sin) can be undone using the Purge feature of Pandemonium. One Purge Extract [stat] will remove a single point of [stat] from a demon. Only stat points acquired through infusion can be purged.

Spirit Panels

Demons of Grade 60 and above have either three or four Spirit Panels. Each Spirit Panel is divided into ten Steps. Spirit Steps reward a stat increase when unlocked, and Spirit Panels can have a range of effects when completed. The reward for each Spirit Step/Panel is determined by the demon. Rewards from Spirit Panels only apply to a single instance of that demon.

Spirit Steps are unlocked using Spirit. There are two types of Spirit: [Demon] Spirit, and Universal 5★ Spirit. [Demon] Spirit can only be used on [Demon], whereas Universal 5★ Spirit can be used on any Grade 80-99 demon. Universal 5★ Spirit and [Demon] Spirit cannot be combined. [Demon] Spirit is obtained by Spiritizing a copy of that demon, or as a reward from Advent Quests. Spiritizing a non-Common Archetype demon will produce 100 [Demon] Spirit, and Spiritizing a Common Archetype demon will produce 60 [Demon] Spirit. Universal 5★ Spirit can be awarded from:

  • Daily Quests
  • Weekly Missions
  • Normal Missions
  • Special Advent Quests
  • Hell's Park 100
  • Events

A Step of Panel N will cost Spirit to unlock. (E.g. The Steps of Spirit Panel 2 each cost 20 Spirit to unlock.) Panels 1 and 2 must be completed in order to unlock Panel 3, and Panel 3 must be completed to unlock Panel 4 (if present).

Transcend Panels

Each demon has 50 unlockable Transcend Panels. Transcend Panels are shared by all instances of the same demon, and the player does not need to own a demon in order to unlock its Transcend Panels.

Transcend Panels are unlocked using Transcend Stones. Each panel will cost between one and ten Transcend Stones to unlock. Transcend Stones are unique to certain demon, and can be purchased at the Exchange after one instance of that demon has been raised to Level 50. Transcend Stones are also rewarded from some events. One Transcend Stone costs 50 Transcend Motes. Transcend Motes are obtained by summoning demons using Gems.

Each Transcend Panel gives the demon a specific, pre-determined bonus. This bonus can increase a demon's Health, Attack or Defence, or unlock Skill Switch/Slots for it.


The skillset for each demon is divided into two categories: Innate Skills, and Transferable Skills. A demon can have up to 7 skill slots, depending on its rarity and upgrade-status.

  • The first two slots for 1★ demons and three slots for all other demons are taken up by Innate Skills. These are the same for each instance of that demon, and cannot be changed.
  • The third slot for 1★ demons and fourth slot for all other demons is taken up by a special kind of Innate Skill called the "Awakened Skill". This skill is unusable until the demon is Awakened, and is taken from a specific set of skills for each demon.
  • The remaining three slots are for Transferable Skills. The third slot must be unlocked by its associated Transcend Panel before it can be used.

A demon's Awakened Skill is determined by the Archetype of the demon. The same demon of the same Archetype will always have the same Awakened Skill, and this Skill in this Slot can be changed by changing the demon's Archetype. The first of a demon's Innate Skills can be transferred into another demon's Transferable Skill Slot by sacrificing the demon into it. Any skills in a demon's Transferable Skill Slots can be transferred in the same way, but can also be Harvested using a Blank Genome, so that the demon is not lost. Demons summoned via the Summoning Portal will have a bonus skill present in their first Transferable Skill Slot. This bonus Skill is determined by the demon and its Archetype, and is known as a "Gacha Skill".

Skill Genomes can also be used to transfer skills into a demon's Transferable Skill Slots, which can be obtained from:

  • Skill Genome Extraction Files
  • PVP
  • Battle Point Exchange
  • Blank Genome Harvests
  • Events

Each Skill Transfer requires number of Skill Points, as well as the source demon/genome. Different Skills require different quantities of Skill Points. Skill Points must be Combined into the target demon before the Skill Transfer can occur. Skill Points are obtained by:

  • Sacrificing other demons in the same Grade Range as the target demon
  • Yasaka Magatama
  • [Demon] Souls

[Demon] Souls can only be used on [Demon], and are obtained from Aura Gate Avenge Battles and Tokyo Abyss.

Most Skills have Levels, and can be strengthened by Levelling Up. A Skill can be Levelled Up by sacrificing a copy of the same Skill or a Kasane Magatama into it. All Skills start at Level 1. Passive Skills have a maximum Level of 4, and Active Skills have a maximum Level of 6.








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Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese D×2 真・女神転生 リベレーション Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation