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This article is about the main protagonist of Persona 5 who has the Phantom Thieves code name "Joker". For other people or concepts in the Megami Tensei franchise going by "Joker", see Joker.

Ren Amamiya is a playable character and the protagonist of Persona 5 and its spin-offs (except Persona 5: The Phantom X). He is the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and goes by the code name Joker among his teammates. The name Ren Amamiya was originally the protagonist's name in Persona 5 The Animation, later adopted for Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and Persona 5: Mementos Mission. The name became the protagonist's default name in the 2022 re-release of Persona 5 Royal, which the game defaults to if its text language settings are changed.[1]


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Ren Amamiya is a second-year transfer student at Shujin Academy and is from an unnamed town out in the country[2]. He has a strong sense of justice and leadership skills. He presents himself as a quiet, unassuming student after being falsely accused for assault. He is shown to be strong-willed and courageous, risking himself for his friends and others. This is especially true in the Metaverse as Joker, where he's cocky and and assertive, showing off and being flashy where he can. He gains the power of the Wild Card and finds himself in the Metaverse learning to change hearts and reform society by eventually helping to found the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, serving as their leader.

Ren was designed to evoke the concept of a stylish cat or black panther with a mysterious and charming air, as a contrast to the 'loyal and faithful dog' characterization design of Yu Narukami in Persona 4.[3]


For complete gameplay information, see Gameplay:Ren Amamiya.


Compendium Entries
Persona 5 Tactica The leader of the Phantom Thieves, codename Joker. A second-year at Shujin Academy, he and the other Thieves purge distorted desires from the hearts of ill-doers. Possessing the wild card affinity allows him to use multiple Personas. The Trickster moniker was given to him because of his uncanny knack for altering fate.


Manual Descriptions
Persona 5 You assume the role of a second-year high school student who becomes a Persona-user through an unexpected incident. Having moved to Tokyo just before the start of the school year, he finds lodging at a cafe run by a friend of his parents, and it now about to get his first taste of school life in the big city. The protagonist seems quiet and well-mannered at first glance, but becomes a completely different person once he has donned his phantom thief garb. What is the motivation of his alter ego...?
Persona 5:
Dancing in Starlight
The protagonist of the game. Codename "Joker." He transferred to the city to attend Shujin Academy after a certain incident. On his first day of school, he stumbled upon a Palace and awakened to his abilities as a Persona-user. With this newfound power, he decided to form the Phantom Thieves and free those who are oppressed by authority. He is deeply trusted by the members of the team as their leader.

Game Appearances

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Persona 5

Ren makes his first appearance as the main protagonist of Persona 5.

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Tactica

This game’s hero, and the player’s avatar. A second-year high school student. After getting involved in the Psychotic Breakdown incidents, he awakened his Persona. He is the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group that aims to make rotten adults repent and reform. His codename is “Joker.” His Persona is Arsène.

Anime Appearances

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Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers

Persona 5 The Animation

Manga Appearances

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Persona 5

In the Persona 5 manga, the protagonist is named Akira Kurusu.

Persona 5: Mementos Mission

Other Appearances

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Dragon’s Dogma Online

in October 2016, Equipment based off Joker and Panther was added to Dragon’s Dogma Online during the limited time "Thief Ranma" event. Alongside the equipment was a limited time quest playable during the event. Both Joker and Panthers outfits featured an alternative colour variant; an all red outfit for Joker, and an all black outfit for Panther.

Lord of Vermilion Re:3

In December 2016, character cards for Joker, Panther, Fox, Caroline, and Justine, Phantom Thief “dress-up parts”, and a Morgana Familiar were added as part of a limited event during the “Dear Servant KEEPER OF THE 13 KEYS” update. the event also ran alongside a rerun of Yu Narukami, Aigis (EXO) and Elizabeth as attainable familiars.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

For more information on this subject in Super Smash Bros., see Joker (SSBU) on SmashWiki.

Joker was revealed to be the first DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at The Game Awards in 2018. Joker released on April 17th, 2019 in Challenger Pack 1 and was the first character released as part of Fighters Pass Vol. 1. His release included the Mementos stage, 11 music tracks from various games in the Persona series, and many spirits consisting of characters from Persona 5. A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amiibo of Joker was released on September 25th, 2020.

Catherine: Full Body

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Ren was an ACE 5★ Attacker unit who could be obtained in the gacha during the Persona 5 Royal collaboration. His collab artwork for the game was drawn by Shuji Sogabe. His skills were mostly named after things from Persona 5.[4]

  • Battle Skills: Cleave, Eiha, Edge and Gunsmoke, Downshot Butterfly
  • Rush Combo: Arsene: Cosmic Flare
  • Talents: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Arsense, Rebel Soul, Picaro for World Reformation


The family name means "a Shinto shrine to a god of rain"[5] and the given name means "lotus."

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 主人公 Shujinkō
ジョーカー Jōkā
雨宮 蓮 Amamiya Ren
Amamiya Ren
Simplified Chinese 雨宫莲 Yǔgōng Lián
Brazilian Portuguese Protagonista


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  1. Persona 5: The Stage used a different name for the protagonist for each showing.
  2. As DLC for Persona 5 Royal


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