Persona 4: Colors

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Persona 4: Colors was a phone game spin off of Persona 4 that had four mini-games. It was distributed through Megaten α on Yahoo! Mobile Games starting on January 19, 2012 for the price of 315¥. It can no longer be downloaded.


Players could play up to 4 mini-games themed around characters from Persona 4.

  • Cool Walker (Japanese: クールウォーカー, Hepburn: Kūru wōkā) was a mini-game involving the protagonist. The player would help him time when to move around to dodge Shadows and collect treasure chests.
  • High Speed! Squeaky Bicycle (Japanese: 激走!ギコギコ自転車, Hepburn: Gekisō gikogiko jitensha) was a mini-game involving Yosuke Hanamura. It involved Yosuke riding his bike downhill at high speed with a stamina gauge on bottom. The player would help Yosuke avoid trash cans and other obstacles.
  • Follow-Up Attack! Bam!! (Japanese: 追撃!ドーン!!, Hepburn: Tsuigeki no dōn) was a mini-game involving Chie Satonaka. Players would use a timing gauge on the bottom of the screen to time Chie's follow-up attack (localized as Galactic Punt in English) to kick a Shadow away.
  • Cooking Miracle (Japanese: キセキの料理, Hepburn: Kiseki no ryōri) was a mini-game involving Yukiko Amagi. Players would help Yukiko cook by selecting ingredients displayed on-screen.

When the player achieved a high score in a mini-game, they would unlock a portrait image of one of the four characters that could be used as a home or lock screen on their phone. Additionally, players could register for an online ranking where they could compare scores with other players.


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