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Persona 3 Em, stylized as Persona 3ém, is a 2007 RPG developed for mobile phones, and a spin-off of Persona 3. It was developed by Interactive Brains Co and published by Bbmf and Atlus. It takes place during the Yakushima trip and depicts the "Hidden Story" that occurred in the original game.[1]

The game is currently unplayable due to a lack of both emulators existing for the platform, and any copies of the game itself. There is no video footage nor extensive documentation, only news articles and blogs about the game itself.

Due to a lack of documentation, information in this article may be incomplete.





The gameplay mimics the original Persona 3 very closely, where the player will spend time with their party members and take part in events during the day, and fight shadows at night during a liminal time much like the Dark Hour called "Dream Time."

During the day portion of the game, the player will be allotted free time to spend with their party members, as well as partake in unique events not depicted in Persona 3.[2] Throughout these events, the player will be presented with multiple dialogue options and answering them correctly will typically lead to being awarded with bond points, which will raise the Social Link of the relevant party member. Maxing out a Social Link will result in the player being awarded with a unique, powerful item. This is typically a weapon that can be equipped by the maxed out party member, as well as the protagonist. Since the game takes place during the Yakushima trip, any party members acquired afterward are not included in the game, however, Aigis is available as both a party member in combat as well as to bond with during the day, but only after the date she appears in the original game.


The objective of the game, during the night, is to scale an 80 floor shadow infested tower much like Tartarus called "Oneiros" which is situated inside the trunk of a large tree, progresses downwards, and only appears during the Dream Time. In the 3D portion of the dungeon, the player will scale randomly generated floors that contain loot, as well as shadows that are encountered by walking, like Persona 1 and 2, instead of by attacking them in the overworld like later entries. Battles are simplified, and stylized into 2D, to fit the restrictions of the platform at the time. Party members, as well as enemies, appear in cards on the bottom and top of the screen respectively, but are still controlled via the traditional options wheel from the original game. Unlike the original Persona 3, party members can be directly controlled during battle, and only 3 team members (including oneself) can be used at a time. However, the One More system remains, as well as the ability to perform All-Out Attack if all enemies are downed.

Every 20 floors, the player will be required to fight an α Persona, pronounced Arche (Japanese: アルケー, Hepburn: Arukē), such as α Hermes if Junpei Iori is in the party.[3] The Arche Persona that will appear is dependent on what individuals are in your party at the time of the encounter, with the Arche Personas that appear on floors 20 and 40 changing depending on who your second and third party members are.[4] The Arche Persona on floor 60 will always be Arche Lucia, and the one on floor 80 will always be Arche Orpheus. Arche Personas are considered bosses and have movesets that reflect that of their original, but are greatly enhanced, as well as possessing different affinities.

During the day, party members do not remember the events of Dream Time and play off partial memories as only a dream. After clearing Oneiros, all party members forget about what happened, but not what they learned about themselves.

A New Game+ option is available, and functions nearly identically to Persona 3.











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