Megami Ibunroku Persona: Ikū no Tō Hen

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Megami Ibunroku Persona: Ikū no Tō Hen is a 2006 role-playing video game for mobile phones, and a spin-off of Megami Ibunroku Persona in the Persona series. It was developed by Bbmf and published by Atlus, releasing in 2006.

On September 14, 2023, the game was re-released by G-Mode for the Nintendo Switch as part of their G-Mode Archives+ series. The game was also released on Steam two weeks later on September 29.[1]

An unofficial translation patch has been released, in which the title was translated as Persona: Anomalous Tower Chronicle[2].



Akuma-tachi no shihaisuru ijigen kūkan kara dasshutsu seyo.
Perusona tsukai-tachi no mō hitotsu no monogatari.


Escape from the other dimensional space ruled by demons.
Another story of the Persona users.[a]


The events of this game take place during the main story of Megami Ibunroku Persona.

After the events of the SEBEC Building, the playable characters were originally meant to be transported to the alternate version of Mikage-cho by the power of the DEVA System. However, the dimensional passage connecting those two worlds intersected with a passage to a different dimension, and so the characters were sent there instead.

The protagonist, Maki Sonomura, and Masao "Mark" Inaba wake up at the base of a mysterious tower. After finding a door to the Velvet Room, the trio goes inside and meets Igor, who tells them the details of their situation. The tower they're in is called The Anomalous Tower, and their friends were scattered among different floors. The only way to return to their world and resume their quest is to reach the top of the tower and make use of a transport device located there. However, the tower of a demons' nest whose infrastructure is forever changing and the transport device can only be activated via the use of nine different orbs that are in possession of powerful demons.


The objective of the game is to reach the topmost floor of the tower. Outside of Rest Areas, each floor is randomly generated and the map is filled as the player explores it.

Each floor contains a portal to the next floor, and a number of randomly-generated treasure chests. It's also possible for Trish's Fountain to spawn in a floor.

As the player explores the tower, they unlock more party members by finding them. The party is limited to five characters, and changes in party lineup can only be performed at the base of the tower.


The shop will buy and sell items and equipment. It can be found at the base of the tower and Rest Areas. The shop's inventory won't update as the player progresses, rather each iteration of the shop has its own selection.


Defeat in battle does not result in a game over sequence, and instead the player will be sent to the base of the tower. However, they will have lost all their money, items, and equipment.

The Warehouse serves to mitigate that, allowing players to store and withdraw both items and money. The Warehouse can be found both on the tower's base as well as Rest Areas.


The Refinery allows players to spend gemstones to permanently upgrade pieces of equipment. Each upgrade will increase the equipment's attack/defense stat by 10% and a bonus stat depending on the gemstone chosen.

Each piece of equipment can be refined up to ten times, but due to rounding errors it won't necessarily translate to a 100% upgrade.

Rank Weapons Firearms Armor
Gemstone Bonus Stat Gemstone Bonus Stat Gemstone Bonus Stat
+1~+3 Malachite Evasion +1 Pearl - Turquoise Weapon Hit +1
Moonstone Defense +1 Opal Gun Hit +1
+4~+6 Tanzanite Evasion +2 Garnet - Onyx Weapon Hit +1
Amethyst Defense +2 Aquamarine Gun Hit +1
+7~+9 Alexandrite Evasion +3 Topaz - Ruby Weapon Hit +1
Emerald Defense +3 Sapphire Gun Hit +1
+10 Diamond - Diamond - Diamond -

Treasure Chests

Much like the floor layouts, the contents of treasure chests are also randomized.

Chest contents
Odds Result
60% Item
20% Money
12% Trap
5% Full HP recovery
3% Full SP recovery

Item Chests

Each floor has a maximum total of 25 possible items, divided in six categories. Each category has a different number of possible items in it. The game will first decide on a category and then choose an item inside of it. Each possible item inside of a category has an equal chance of being selected.

Item categories
Odds No. of Items
15% 1
45% 8
10% 1
20% 7
9% 4
1% 4

Not all possible items correspond to a valid item ID. If such item is selected, the game will restart the process of selecting a category. This behavior is on purpose to make rare items even more rare, as invalid IDs are more prevalent in categories with rare items.

If the player is already carrying the maximum amount of the item chosen, the game will give the player either money, full HP recovery, or full SP recovery. Each of these three options will have equal odds among them.

Trapped Chests

Trap chest contents
Odds Effect
25% Damage equal to 5% of maximum HP to the entire party.
25% Inflicts a random party member with Poison.
25% Initiates a battle.
25% Erases the player's map.

Trapped chests cannot occur on floors 1-10. If the game's random number generator selects the Trap category on those floors, it'll redo the calculation until it selects a different outcome.

The spell Liftoma and the item Core Shield will protect the player from a trapped chest. They won't prevent trapped chests from spawning, but will instead nullify the effects of the traps.

Money Chests

If a chest contains money, the amount is equal to the level of a random party member multiplied by 100.


Light Ailments

Like in Megami Ibunroku Persona, light ailments can stack up to three turns and most of their effects also worsen with stacks.

There's no change in accuracy or evasion between Ranks 2 and 3 of Blind. For some unknown reason, Unlucky Rank 2 has a lower Luck demerit than Rank 1.

Ailment Effect Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Happy Cannot be controlled.
Defense lowered.
Lowered by 5%. Lowered by 10%. Lowered by 15%.
Panic Cannot be controlled.
May attack an ally or move.
10% chance. 30% chance. 60% chance.
Charm Cannot be controlled. Will attack an ally.
Own attack is raised.
Raised by 10%. Raised by 20%. Raised by 30%.
Sleep Cannot act.
Defense lowered.
Lowered by 10%. Lowered by 20%. Lowered by 30%.
Mute Chance of failure when using Persona. 25% chance. 50% chance. 100% chance.
Blind Accuracy and evasion lowered. Lowered by 20%. Lowered by 50%. Lowered by 50%.
Freeze Cannot act.
Takes extra damage from Electric skills.
Raised by 10%. Raised by 20%. Raised by 30%.
Shock Cannot act.
Takes extra damage from Ice skills.
Raised by 10%. Raised by 20%. Raised by 30%.
Bind Cannot act.
Unlucky Luck lowered. Lowered by 50%. Lowered by 25%. Lowered by 100%.
Guilt Cannot perform certain actions. Attack or Gun Persona Everything

Severe Ailments

Ailment Effect
Poison All damage dealt is halved.
Loses 1/16 of maximum HP per turn.
Loses 1 HP per four steps in the dungeon.
Stone Cannot act. Defense lowers by 20%.
20% more chance of receiving a critical hit.
Paralyze Cannot act.
Loses 1/16 of maximum SP per turn.
Sick Loses 1/8 of maximum HP per turn.
Loses 1/8 of maximum HP per four steps in the dungeon.

Good Ailments

Ailment Effect
Cloak Cannot be hit with regular attack.
Cannot use Persona and takes double damage from magic.
Puppet Revives an unconscious ally as a puppet.
Cannot use Persona.
Counter Retaliates enemy regular Attack with own.
Fury Cannot be controlled. Damage and Hit Rate doubled.
Attacks enemies with regular Attack.
Berserk Cannot be controlled. Damage doubled.
Attacks enemies with Persona.
Beast Changes all parameters according to Moon Phase.
NEW: Lowers by 50%.
1/8: Lowers by 30%.
2/8: Lowers by 20%.
3/8: Lowers by 10%.
HALF: No change.
5/8:Raises by 10%.
6/8: Raises by 20%.
7/8: Raises by 30%.
FULL: Raises by 50%.


The formulas used to calculate stats are different from Megami Ibunroku Persona, being more simplified.

Stat Calculation
Weapon Attack STR + Attack of current weapon
Weapon Hit DEX + Hit of current weapon
Gun Attack Attack of current gun + Attack of current bullet
Gun Hit DEX + Hit of current gun
Defense VIT + Defense of all current armor
Evasion AGI + Evasion of all current armor


Unlike in Megami Ibunroku Persona, skills of physical attributes make use of the magic formula. This means they do damage based on Magic Attack and Defense and cannot crit.

Name Formula
Party Enemies
Regular Attack
Gun Attack -
Critical Hits
Hit Rate
(Dia and Media)
(Diarama and Mediarama)










Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 女神異聞録ペルソナ 異空の塔編 Alternate Goddess Tale Persona: Tower of Another Place Chapter



  • Several items and skills were either removed or had their effects altered for this game.
    • The following skills were removed: Passionate Kiss, Demon's Kiss, Evil Smile, Deathtouch, Viper Smash, Drumroll Punch, Rainbow Strike, Clone, Single Shot, Drive Shot, Middle Shot, Powder Shot, and Long Shot.


  1. Blurb taken from the English listing on Steam.


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